Crib Bar Bumpers / Bumpsters will protect your baby from accidental bumps while in their crib. These innovative padded bumpers wrap individually around the bars of a crib or cot.
They soften hard edges and protect little ones from bangs and bumps, whille still allowing air to circulate. Made from 100% cotton/ blend and with no dangerous ties or large
expanses of fabric, Bumpsters Crib Bar Bumpers simply attach securely with Velcro. Active sleepers are often at risk from banging themselves; protecting against this can
aid a better night’s sleep for both parent and child. Extremely versatile, Bar Bumpers can be arranged in a number of different of ways to see your child
through the whole stage of crib/ cot sleeping, from newborn to toddler. Set of 12 Bumpsters $75.99  Choice of Colors available or email for Custom Patterns & Colors

Bumpsters - set of 12

Color Choice