This set of momma and children is a sweet toy for a toddler. The largest doll looks like a typical Matroyska Russian doll. It is plush and made of a cotton flannel. There is a large pocket sewn into the front like an apron. Inside the pocket are two smaller dolls that are children, and like the classic Matroyska doll, it is a form of nesting dolls with dolls of decreasing size. One of the children looks like a small girl and the smallest looks like a baby. All are made of cotton & felt fabrics and stuffed. On each, the faces are fabric panels that are stitched onto the front of the doll. These look to be hand made just by looking at the seams.


The mother doll measures 14" tall and 7 inches wide. The little girl is 5" x 3" and the baby is 1 3/4" x 2 1/2".

Nesting Dolls Made Local in the Hudson Valley  -  Soft, Made of Cotton and Felt Fabrics - Premium Poly Fill - Made in a smoke free shop 

Nesting Dolls Made Local