For decades, Golden Books have gone into the homes of children in countries around the world. They are the best-known series of books for young people ever published, and their subject matter are chosen to entertain, and educate and delight children.


What better way to appreciate these classic books, than by having a handmade and one of a kind flag banner featuring pages from your's and your children's favorite stories? A beautiful way to add to the decor in your home and in your nursery/children's room.


The banners each feature 6 flags, each flag featuring a real page out of your selected book. The banners measure about 60 inches in length including the ties.

Background fabric color will coordinate with the book colors and themes.

Because the books used to make these banners span from the 1950s-1970s, the paper the pages are made with are fiberous and durable enough to be sewn to the banner fabric and made to last!


Refer to the pictures above that feature the available books to be chosen for your custom banner. Simply choose the book title featured that you wish to be used to make your banner. Please note, each banner is one of a kind and each book can only be used once so availability with change and update as each one sells.

Stories And Verses Book Page Banners